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Spiritual Accompaniment

What is Spiritual Accompaniment?

Spiritual accompaniment is a way of meeting with someone - a spiritual director or guide - to reflect on your life and faith journey. It is up to the directee to decide what to bring to the session, which can be anything from thinking about a life change, talking through a past hurt, or celebrating a joy. Each session lasts about an hour.

The director does not offer answers or solutions but rather through listening, reflection, exploration and questions, encourages the directee to discern and discover the way forward. 

Who is a spiritual director?

A spiritual director or companion is someone who has specific skills in:

  • listening

  • helping you to reflect more deeply about your faith journey

  • helping you to reflect on your relationship with God.  ​

Catherine trained at St Anthony’s priory in Durham in 2018-2019 and continues to attend ongoing training and Supervision through the priory. She follows The Retreat Association guidelines and has her own accompaniment on a regular basis. 

Catherine’s own faith journey is of central importance to her and, although not usually explicitly, she draws on her faith and broad life experiences when offering accompaniment to others. 

Who is Spiritual Accompaniment for?

Spiritual Accompaniment is open to anyone wishing to talk about their faith or life journey with someone.

There are no expectations or special requirements, just an interest in sharing your story with another person.

If you would like accompaniment with Catherine but cannot come to Barrobwurn, other arrangements can be made. Please let us know.

Is there a charge for spiritual accompaniment?

There is a suggested donation of £30, although if you are staying at the Nightfold Catherine would be happy to offer one or two sessions as part of your stay.

Is it confidential?

What you share is completely confidential unless something you share raises safeguarding concerns, such as if you or another person were at risk of serious harm. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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